Anonymous asked: uhh hi was just wndering do you do free "art" im kinda new to this website thanks

Sorry I don’t do free requests.

In between commissions I like to have some time to draw my own things.


Anonymous asked: you will redraw only Twilight arc or also Luna & Dash to?

A few people has ask me the same question.  The truth is I lack the ability to think in long term so I really don’t know.


Anonymous asked: do you enjoy what you do?

Like most other artists, I have my share of frustrations and images I do not particularly enjoy drawings.  I wish I can draw better and wonders if I am really cut out for this at times.

However, while all parts of drawing are not equally fun, I would say the overall experience is positive.  It lets me create the things which I otherwise cannot have.


Anonymous asked: Do you get many commissions that are kept private?

Actually no.

What you see here is about 90% of the commissions that I have gotten since Ponilove started.


Anonymous asked: could you do a small list of ponies (mane6, royals, villainesses, background) that you like and don't like to draw so it would help people create requests for "Do a Request Day" instead of asking for their fav characters? AJ, Shy, Twilight, Celestia, Chrysalis got prob more chance of picking than Rarity, NMM, Luna, Octavia etc..

can’t really say, the one I just did was pretty weird and would never have made the list if I was to provide one.

That being said, I really haven’t been drawing much lately.


Anonymous asked: wow I understand Rarity big ass but you overdone with her tits O_o it's ugly and unnatural ... I would never expect something from you since your girls look always so natural and beautiful

Well it’s “unnatural” alright…..  hell even implants don’t reach 1/3 of that size.  But some people really like that size.

I probably won’t make it a common theme in this blog.


fakult asked: Feel good to have finally wrapped up the bronycon print?

Still a few more things to deal with, but overall yes I am feeling pretty good.


Anonymous asked: Do you have a foot fetish?

Yes.  But that’s not saying much since I am into a lot of things.


Anonymous asked: Even though it is understandable that you removed the Suprise comic again - could you still re-upload it, maybe in a less public way? The expressions and poses were great, even if the dialogue might have been going a little bit in the wrong direction. That would be awesome!

It will be up again once I come up with new dialogs for it.


millerdark asked: Wow, your male anatomy looks so complex next to a female model, almost a whole different style.

Lol I probably should tone down what I did to Shining Armor then.

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